Story of Our All Season Jacket

In 2018 we were in the process of creating a unique superior quality extraordinary comfort Jacket for promotion. We kept on searching for suitable material to give an unmatched experience to consumers without compromising on quality as the cost was never a constraint.
In our rigorous research, we found a BLACK LYCRA® Technology and American-grown extra-long staple Supima cotton with superior spinning and processing as a combination to create high-quality Jackets, the result being SmarText black Jackets.


Over the years, JACKETS earned an extraordinary appreciation from the consumer for their many unique benefits like – being extremely comfortable, great soothing on the skin, literally cozy on winter days, just made for Bangalore weather, staying fresh & soft – wash after wash and use after use, drapes nicely on the curves. The user even said it sits quietly in the corner of a suitcase and becomes my great partner for travel.
The jacket also whispered its feelings, saying it was amazing to play along with the kids, drape on teens and listen to their speeding heart beats& enjoying their dream together inside cosy blankets, Amazing to be a companion for traveling. being best friends of couples, Giving warmth and comfort to men & women. Take care of elders. Wow, it is wonderful, fabulous fulfillment on so… and on…

Excited with the feedback and own experience now, we really wanted to share our extraordinary user comfort experience with all our esteemed customers, hence bringing the same technology Jacket in 2022 under our retail brand BSmarT™ in both Black & Red options.