Our Consumer Experience Center Inauguration

A new apparel brand baby in the town

15th Oct 2021 – was celebrated by most Indians as a popular festival Vijayadashami. Along with the holy celebration of Vijayadashami, there was double happiness with a birth of a new baby in the apparel industry with the brand name BSmarT. The promoters along with bringing global quality clothing join the party of domestic apparel brands with a serious mission of empowering every seeking and exploring special people with knowledge of basic science behind the fabric & garments to get the best possible benefit from their spending & to make them really feel Smart and delighted. Hence creating lifelong value for them.


As a part of their mission, they brought a unique consumer experience store – powered by LYCRA® under their brand name BSmarT at Yelahanka new town main road. A 1000 sq, ft. store with European styled specially designed on the main road is a delight to watch. Along with awesome visual delight.

The store also has many consumer interaction tools to share the knowledge of the science behind the clothing with a common consumer.

Some of the unique features are a smartly designed textile lab, enabling consumers to have hands-on experience on product performance like flexibility & stretch, toughness, sweat absorption, raw material testing & hand feel with various types of textile fiber bank, garments with more than 50 washed results, comparison of garments post-consumer usage, video displays, posters with information’s & details, well-trained sales staffs for educating customers on various textile aspects, the store expected to give a great experience of shopping to the consumer.

The event was graced by more than 150 customers, well-wishers & industry eminent. the entire unique concept of consumer knowledge sharing & highly performance-based quality premium garments with local acceptable prices is appreciated by visitors on the event day.

It is just a beginning there is a long way to go…

Do not miss out. Do visit the store and explore.